Operation Updates

** IMPORTANT ** Effective OCTOBER 1, 2017 POMTOC’s Updated TARIFF will take effect. Please take the time to review the changes accordingly **

Wednesday, October 18, 2017: The terminal gates will open at 0700 hrs.

Vessels:  MSC KALAMATA 737W scheduled to commence @ 19:00hrs.

Inspections:  USDA Inspections are scheduled for 0800 hrs. Starting 8/8/2017, containers pending XRAY exam will be scanned throughout the day on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s, weather permitting.

Vessel Schedules & First Export Receive Dates, Empty Return Instructions and Daily Operation Updates can be found on http://pomtoc.com/ by highlighting Terminal Notices and clicking on Vessel Schedules & First Export Receiving Dates.




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